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Meet the Team

The People Who Make Us Awesome

About: Meet the Team

Lauren Groff

Founder, Groff Networks

Taylor Quill is new on the team and has only been with us for a short amount of time. However, we can already see the changes that have been made possible due to this talented team member’s work. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful Game Programmer at 518 GAME CHANGERS.

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Dylan Hall

Project Advisor

As our dedicated Animator, Kris Ward has been a vital team member since first opening shop. Many of our intricate projects rely on Kris Ward and his ability to turn any storyline into a fascinating game.

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Alex Smith

Art Director

Alex Smith has been part of the 518 GAME CHANGERS family almost since the beginning, and works along with all the different departments in the office to best implement game features.

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